Women in Leadership: Transforming the East African Energy Landscape

women energy east africa
A growing network of companies and institutions that support diversity and inclusivity have led to women taking up more leadership positions and making strides in the African energy landscape.

Energy Capital & Power (ECP) celebrates women in leadership positions within Africa’s energy and mining sectors this month as part of its Women in Energy series. Leveraging its position as the continent’s premier investment platform for the energy sector, ECP aims to enhance the role of women as agents of change in promoting clean, affordable and efficient energy use in East Africa.

Despite making up 39% of the global labor force – according to the International Energy Agency –, women only account for 22% of the energy sector’s workforce. By fostering increased inclusivity throughout the entire energy value chain, Africa stands to accelerate socioeconomic development and the transition towards sustainability.

With new developments kicking off across the oil, gas and broader energy fields, Uganda’s energy sector is on the precipice of a transformation. Individuals such as Faith Edigold Musimenta, Senior Petroleum Economic and Financial Analyst at the Petroleum Authority of Uganda, play a pivotal role in developing oil and gas financing models. Musimenta represents an inspiration for women across the African financial sector, and continues to advocate for both inclusivity, sustainability and development of Uganda’s oil and gas industry.

Offering internships and training programs for women, South Sudan’s Ministry of Petroleum has sought to position women as drivers of the country’s burgeoning economy. As such, Labanya Margaret Mathya, Director General for Administration and Finance at South Sudan’s Ministry of Petroleum, is well-positioned to leverage her leadership position to promote initiatives that drive positive change in energy and social development in the country.

Serving as the Deputy Managing Director (MD) at South Sudan’s NOC Nilepet, Amb. Martha Nyamal Choat’s extensive experience with organizations dedicated to women and children has profoundly influenced her passion for advocating for women in the energy sector. As the Deputy MD for Nilepet, she is driving the participation of women in the industry by implementing programs that prioritize gender equality and create pathways for women to excel in leadership roles.

Boasting 10 years of management experience, Triple A Petroleum’s CEO and Founder Atong Atmos Agook has sought to address the lack of inclusivity and gender diversity in the East African energy sector. During the 2023 edition of the nation’s official energy conference – South Sudan Oil & Power (SSOP), organized by ECP –, a dedicated Women in Energy lunch, led by Triple A Petroleum, sought to improve the participation of women in leadership positions.

“We want to promote knowledge and to do that, we need knowledge transfer and practical experiences that accelerate their advancement in the sector,” Agook stated during the SSOP 2023 Women in Energy Lunch.

Boasting 30 years of experience in the economic and development sectors, Victoria Kwakwa, Regional Vice President for Eastern and Southern Africa at the World Bank, oversees a portfolio of 313 operations totaling $58 billion throughout Africa. Under her leadership, the organization provides vital support to promoting private sector jobs, economic transformation, strengthening climate resilience, and improving access to critical infrastructure.

Energy Capital & Power’s Women in Energy series celebrates the women shaping the future of the African energy sector. From projects to companies to programs and community development, the Women in Energy series underscores the integral role women play in developing the sector. Visit www.energycapitalpower.com and keep up to date with our social media channels for daily content.