The event has been postponed in coordination with the authorities in Juba.

South Sudan Oil & Power 2024, including the South Sudan Mining Forum, was originally scheduled for 25-28 June 2024.

We regret any inconvenience and look forward to providing an updated schedule.


South Sudan’s Official Energy Event

Returning for its seventh edition, South Sudan Oil & Power (SSOP) serves as the nation’s official energy event, organized in official partnership with the Ministry of Petroleum and the Ministry of Mining. This year’s theme — Next Generation in Energy — shines a spotlight on the people behind South Sudan’s energy industry and explores the next generation of energy entrepreneurs, training and development, youth in resources, and community involvement in projects.

For the first time in its eight-year history, SSOP has expanded to four days to include a human resources-driven agenda, dedicated energy program and concurrent South Sudan Mining Forum, workshops for youth in energy and mining, and an interactive exhibition, inviting investors to explore and engage with opportunities across upstream, refining, power generation and distribution, mining and renewables industries.

SSOP 2024 Objectives

Why Participate?

Content Development

The country is seeking partners to facilitate skill building, business support and financing and enhanced service delivery through human capacity development.

Mining Opportunities

South Sudan is one of the leading frontier mining markets on the continent, home to vast critical mineral reserves but still in the early stages of valuation and exploration.

East African Oil Producer

South Sudan is uniquely positioned as the sole producer in the region, opening up dynamic opportunities for production and export at the intersection of MENA, Central and East Africa.

for Investment

In addition to capital, South Sudan is prioritizing technology-focused investments, from decentralized energy solutions to EOR techniques to maximize production.

Discussion Points

Strategic Investments and Partnerships Shaping South Sudan’s Energy Future

Youth in Energy: Empowering the Next Generation

Improving Market Access and Unlocking New Financing Solutions

Leveraging South Sudan’s Critical Minerals to Fuel the Energy Transition

Local Beneficiation and Value Addition Across Mining Project Developments

Catalyzing Private Sector Capital Across East Africa

Driving Innovation and Technology into the Energy Sector

Unveiling Trade and Investment Opportunities, Redefining Deal Dynamics in 2024


Hon. Puot Kang Chol

Minister of Petroleum
Republic of South Sudan

Hon. Martin Gama Abucha

Minister of Mining
Republic of South Sudan

Eng. Bernard A. Makeny

CEO and Managing Director

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Participating Countries

Empowering Growth

Unlock South Sudan’s natural resource potential for sustainable economic development.

Leaders Meet Here

Make strategic connections with industry leaders, officials, and global investors, fostering collaborations that shape the nation’s future.

Deals Are Made Here

Be part of discussions with decision-makers, gaining insights for innovation and progress.

History Is Made Here

Contribute to South Sudan’s transformative journey with groundbreaking and historic projects, leaving a lasting impact.

Why South Sudan?

Hydrocarbon Reserves

Despite holding 3.5 billion barrels of proven oil reserves – the third-largest in sub-Saharan Africa – nearly 90% of South Sudan’s oil and gas reserves remain untapped. The country has ambitions to triple its current production, reaching 230,000 barrels per day (bpd) in the short term and 450,000 bpd in the long term.


With over 80% of South Sudan’s oil and gas workforce being local, the country presents significant opportunities for training, up-skilling and re-skilling the national workforce, along with accelerating the procurement of South Sudanese goods, services, materials, equipment and personnel.

Mid- and Downstream

South Sudan is seeking to construct new pipeline infrastructure to facilitate oil exports and reduce dependence on neighboring Sudan, as well as expand refining capacity in Unity and Upper Nile States – with the construction of four new refineries planned by the decade’s end.

Frontier Mining Market

Comprehensive geo-mapping is currently underway to identify South Sudan’s exact critical mineral reserves quantities, with a view to granting mining concessions in the near future.

Renewable Potential

Aligning with the global energy transition, South Sudan has substantial renewable energy generation and interconnection potential, including hydropower due to its proximity to the Nile River and solar power, benefitting from eight hours of daily sunshine.

Regional Advantage

As the sole crude oil producer in the region, South Sudan holds a strategic link among the Middle East, East and Central Africa, spearheading the development of cross-border transport corridors and recently signing MOUs with Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to enhance regional connectivity.

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